Real Estate

Families and individuals moving to Preeceville, whether for retirement or work purposes, will find a variety of housing options available to them.

Residential town owned vacant lots with water and sewer frontage sell for $3000.00 each. An additional amount of $182.51 per frontage meter is required if pavement exists and has not already been paid for by a previous ratepayer of that lot. If an improvement with a minimum taxable assessment value of $50000.00 is constructed and finished on that lot within 2 calendar years from the purchase date, a $2500.00 municipal tax credit will be applied to the property\'s tax card. The purchaser must have the title transfer work completed within 30 days of the town\'s acceptance of their interest to purchase: Taxes will be levied starting from title transfer date.

New Development vacant lots in Block 33 and Block 49 are available for sale. These lots are near the Preeceville & District Integrated Health Care Facility and on 3rd Avenue NE.  Block 33 are fully serviced and 7 lots on the south side of Block 49 were fully serviced in the summer of 2010.  These lots sell for $15000. each.  The lot frontage in Block 49 will be 102.68 feet for the 5 middle lots, 102.57 feet west corner lot and 102.75 feet east corner lot and the flankage of each lot is 125.16 feet.  The purchaser is to have the title transfer work completed within 30 days of the town's acceptance of their interest to purchase.  Taxes on the property are levied from the title transfer date.  (Serviced lots means power, energy, water and sewer services will run next to each lot).

Houses are for rent at a varying price range.

Preeceville has one apartment building available to people 50 years of age and older. The building consists of eight units: four two-bedroom units on the upper level and four one-bedroom units on the lower level. Rent includes water and heat.

There is a duplex unit available to people 50 years of age and older.  The units are two-bedroom and rent includes power, heat and water.

Preeceville Housing Authority has a twelve unit Senior Complex with four two-bedroom units and eight one-bedroom units.  Rent includes heat and water.

Preeceville Housing Authority has five family homes for rent in Preeceville.

Preeceville also owns and operates a mobile home/trailer court with lots available for rent. A monthly licence fee is also required. Rent is $75 a month for paved frontage and $65 a month for gravel frontage. Newer unpaved development is $75 a month. The licence fee depends on trailer size. If someone rents a lot for one full year, they become eligible to purchase the lot for $2000.


Housing Opportunities

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