Preeceville & District Integrated Health Care Facility Building Project
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  • The Preeceville Hospital is currently known as the Preeceville & District Integrated Health Care Facility. 


    As an Integrated Health Care Facility, services of the doctor’s medical clinic, 10 acute care beds and 40 long-term care beds is housed under one roof. 


    P3 Architects of Regina/Saskatoon have designed this facility and oversaw the works contracted to General Contractor – HLM Construction. Construction on the project commenced on May 1, 2007 and was completed on October 31, 2008. The project was completed in three stages with the first being the new construction of the long-term care area, second being the renovations of the acute care area and the third being renovations of the administration and medical clinic area.


    The total project is estimated to cost approximately Ten Million Dollars. The Provincial Government has committed 65% of the project costs ($6.5 Million) and the remainder 35% ($3.5 Million) is the share that the local area is responsible for. The local area is also responsible for additional furnishing costs, estimated at approximately $140,000.00.  At this time, Jan 2008, total cash available to this project is $2,135,293.08 which leaves a shortfall of about $1,500,000.00.


    In order to raise the local funds, many fundraising activities are on the go or are being arranged. The current activities are Bingo Night, Mushers’ Rendezvous and donation requests from corporations, individuals, clubs and organizations.


    If you would like more information on any of the activities, please contact the Town of Preeceville office at 547-2810 or by e-mail to The fundraising committee will continue to develop more fundraising events until our goal is met. If you are interested in being a member of the fundraising committee or would like to help them out by offering manpower services, please contact the Town of Preeceville office or any of the fundraising  activity chairpersons:

    Bingo, Ollie Maksymiw 547-3144

    Mushers' Rendezvous, Jim Ward 547-5588

    If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to the Preeceville & District Integrated Health Care Facility, you may do so by stopping in at the Town of Preeceville office or by mailing your donation to The Town of Preeceville, P.O. Box 560, Preeceville, Saskatchewan S0A 3B0.


    We would like to thank all donors and we will be placing all donors names in ascending donation amount on plaques that will be kept on permanent display at the new facility. For example:

                Thorson-Simes Family - $100,000.00

                Donald Rosten and Family - $50,000.00

                Bill & Stella Kardynal - $10,000.00

                Leonard Johnson - $10,000.00

                Anonymous Donation - $9,500.00

                Theodore Rivney - $6,500.00